Nico Landauer

Cali-based business owner. Water junky. Pro kiteboarder.


Describe yourself in a few words.
Energetic. Witty. A doer.
What is your favorite water sport or activity, and how did you get into it?
Kiteboarding. My background is in sailing and surfing. Kiteboarding combines the two sports I love most.
What’s your connection to Sperry?
I’m a sailor and a water person by nature. Sperry fits right in with my lifestyle.
How many countries have you traveled to? Any favorites?
25 different countries that I remember. South America has a special place in my heart.
As a child, what did you want to be or do when you grew up?
A professional surfer.
If you could spend one hour with anyone in the entire world, who would it be?
Pro-surfer Kelly Slater, naturally.
You just won the lottery. What’s the first thing you do?
I’d take my mom on a cool trip… somewhere she’s never dreamed of going!

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