Meet our crew

Over the last 80 years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing people — world-class athletes, ocean advocates, creatives, and, put simply, an entire community of individuals who share our passion for the sea. Get to know Our Crew, and shop their favorite Sperry looks, below.

Amanda Goad
Community builder. Creative powerhouse. Colorado adventurer.
Frederick Dent
Wildlife photographer. Amphibious creative. Avid fly-fisherman.
Megan Collante
Explorer. Photographer. Model.
Our Crew - Jobi Manson
Jobi Manson
Social entrepreneur. Ocean lover. World traveler.
The Nomadic People - Sperry Ambassadors
Nash & Kim Finley
Seeking travel, adventure, and purpose in every corner of the globe.
Joe Goldberg
Travel blogger. Adventure photographer. Creative visionary.
Jeremy Bishop
Content creator. Outdoor photographer. Water adventurer.
Daniela Moroz
Hydrofoil Kiteboarding World Champion & Hydrofoil Pro Tour Champion
Nico Landauer
Cali-based business owner. Water junky. Pro kiteboarder.
Scientists. Adventurers. Photographers. Lovers of all things water.
John Dunaway
Captain. Sailor. Waterman. Maritime photographer. Adventurer.
Conor Smith
Sailor. Marine Scientist. MacGyver.
Siren Williams
Surfer. Singer-Songwriter. World Traveler. Deckhand.


From the sea to the streets, check out our ambassadors in action.