Jobi Manson

Social entrepreneur. Ocean lover. World traveler.


Describe yourself in a few words.
Transparent. Engaged. Wild. Natural.
How many countries have you traveled to? Any favorites?
30 countries. Favorites include: Botswana, Portugal, South Africa, and the Maldives.
What’s your connection to Sperry?
I believe that Sperry propagates a certain awareness of the importance of the ocean, how to live a life surrounded by its magic and the encouragement to spend time afloat in search of its mystery.

Growing up in Annapolis, MD I was exposed to the brand from a very young age, and recall the sound the shoes made on the decks of so many sailboats. The wet leather after it rained. The durability… I recall my friend’s dad’s pair. He wore the same ones for the better part of my childhood. To me, Sperry represents a lifetime connection with the water. A connection that has brought me the greatest happiness and adventure.
Jobi Manson Sperry Ambassador
Name your favorite season of the year and why.
Indian summer, because I experience nature at its zenith both in a physical and metaphorical environment. It is the time when the sun burns brightest before we begin the descent into hibernation and darkness.
What is it about the sea that draws you to it?
It is where I experience the deepest state of connection to my humanity and my place on the planet. The ocean has taught me the meaning of strength, power, and flexibility. I am enraptured by everything that is the sea.
What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?
My mission to embody the courage, compassionate, respect, and vulnerability I desire to see in the world.
Share a quote or mantra you try to live by

“Be water, my friend.” — Bruce Lee

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