Megan Collante

Explorer. Photographer. Model.


Describe yourself in a few words.
Curious. Unassuming. Passionate. Determined.
What’s your connection to Sperry?
I'm often in situations where I'm in and out of the water, or just need a pair of good waterproof shoes. Living in Savannah, I spend a lot of time at the beach and on boats.
How many countries have you traveled to? 
Any favorites?
Four. I loved Antigua.
Name your favorite season and why.
Fall, because it’s warm enough to go to the beach, but I can also go surfing on huge tides before storms when the weather picks up.
What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?
I wake up usually scanning my brain for things I need to do, but the thing that makes me spring out of bed each time is the thought that I will go do something I have never done. Or, if I’m at the beach, it's the idea of surfing right when the sun rises!
Who do you most admire, and why?
I admire way too many people to pick one, but generally, I’d say National Geographic photographers and writers who dedicate their lives to researching and documenting the world. I want to do that for the rest of my life. I love learning new things, and I feel like there has always been a good culture surrounding the people who do this.
Name one thing you never leave home without.
My camera.
Words To Live By

Never Stand Still

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