Danny & Hailey Kukulka

Quit your day job. Travel the world.


Where are you from and where do you live now?
Danny is from Buffalo, NY and Hailey is from Issaquah, WA.

We are both currently homeless, hitched and traveling the world on our latest adventure.
Would you consider your style classic prep, modern prep, or prep with a twist?
Modern Prep!
What does prep mean to you?
Hailey: Prep is timeless, effortless, versatile, and functional.

Danny: Boat shoes, mount gay rum, and regattas.

(Photo cred: Mikayla Neves)

Describe yourself in 3-4 words.
Hailey describing Danny: Charming, Sarcastic, Curious, Impatient.

Danny describing Hailey: Ginger, Compassionate, Smart, Patient.
Describe your dream trip.
Hailey: We're taking my dream trip this summer. Three days after our wedding, we're off to Africa for a five week safari!

Danny: Bareboat charter a sailboat through the Caribbean.

(Photo cred: Mikayla Neves)

Tell us about your photography…How did you get started? What inspires you?
Hailey: Dan got me my first camera, a Fuji Instax mini Polaroid. I've since upgraded to a DSLR. Travel inspires me!

Danny: I started photography in high school and it quickly became a passion of mine. When I moved to San Francisco I created my Instagram account, so my mom could keep up with my west coast adventures.
Share a quote or mantra you try to live by.
Hailey: "Make someone smile today" - Mom

Danny: "Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor." - Mark Twain
What’s your drink of choice?
Hailey: Spicy Mezcal Margarita

Danny: Molson Stock Ale

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