Sea Bags: Born as Sails

Along the coastline of Maine, a team of entrepreneurial artisans designed a collection of bags made from sails.

June 19, 2017
in Design

When a swift gust of wind whips against a sail for the first time and the sail crackles and loughs overhead, then tightens up and fills with air, it can be a captivating and profound moment. But eventually, the day comes when that sail becomes tattered and unusable. What then, becomes of that sail, and of the miles and memories that were made with it?

Along the coastline of Maine, a team of entrepreneurial artisans and sailors have found a solution.

Located in a seaside shop on a commercial fishing wharf in Portland, Maine, the team at Sea Bags designs accessories and tote bags made from sails, using recycled sailcloth that is sourced from sailors who hail from ports and yacht clubs from all around the United States.

sperry sea bags made from sails

The process begins by collecting sails from sailors near and far. Once the sails arrive in Portland, the Sea Bags team cleans the cloth, evaluates the material’s viability for use, and determines the plan of action for the pattern that will be used.

At the Sea Bags factory

With sustainability top-of-mind, the team maintains a clean supply chain by keeping all elements of their product creation process within the United States. From sail sourcing right down to stitching and finishing, every single piece of Sea Bags’ products is sourced from the United States.

Sperry visits the Sea Bags factory

The intricate details of a sail – like zig-zag stitched seams and unique number and lettering patterns – make each and every product that Sea Bags creates completely unique. No two bags are exactly the same.

Shop Sperry’s collection of Sea Bags products here.

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