Behind the Design: The Drink Pack

Bottoms up—these cocktail-inspired sneakers are ready for your summer drink order.

May 31, 2018
in Design

For our latest collection, our designers took color inspiration from the cocktails we crave when mercury rises. In pops of playful hues, they’re made to order with your favorite libation on the rocks. Translucent soles evoke a frosted glass and key color details take the place of your favorite garnish. A fun-loving way to stay cool as summer heats up, this collection is sure to lift your spirits!

Happy hour? Indeed.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Nantucket red, meet a wash of a fruit-forward strawberry daiquiri. We’ll take it, with denim shorts and an untucked Oxford on the side.

Piña Colada

The pale froth and coconut toastiness of a piña colada? Cheers to that, and these kicks that take us there. Try them with breezy shorts or beach pants.

Blue Hawaiian

Say aloha to your new favorite shade of blue: Curacao. Catch a swell and slip into these ‘tiny-umbrella approved’ sneakers.

Dark and Stormy

All that frozen sipping can go right to your head. Balance out the chill—and those bright colors and madras plaids you’re sporting—with a versatile neutral.

Classic Margarita

We’ll take this pair on the rocks with salt. Inspired by a classic chips-and-guac companion, these slip-ons will stand out at any summer fiesta.

You snooze, you booze. It’s five o’clock somewhere, so don’t miss out on these cocktail inspired sneakers.

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