Behind the Design: Liberty Prints

London’s calling—and we answered with iconic Liberty florals from across the pond.

August 1, 2018
in Design

Our designs may be steeped in American heritage, but we’re always drawing inspiration from unexpected places. This time, we turned to the archive of one-of-a-kind prints at famed UK fabric house, Liberty, for a cheeky spin on our prep-forward textiles and patterns. The result? Two British-inspired florals in tried-and-true Sperry hues. (And we’re bloody obsessed.)

The Prints:

June’s Meadow

Hand-drawn in Tresco—a meadow from the Abbey Garden—and spun on Tana Lawn cotton, this one’s a perfect fit in signature Sperry colors. Add a bit of British whimsy to your most American duds (talking to you, jeans-and-tee uniform) with our Oasis Loft, Seaport Fina and Crest Vibe styles.

Gatsby’s Garden

Nothing old school about this print. Featuring catwalk-inspired color accents and all-over English florals a la works of French painter Raoul Dufy, it combines classic British design with new-world flair. Make room for it in your world with our Oasis Dock and Seaside styles.

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