Behind the Design: The Nautical Map Print

Treasure, found. Sperry Designer Kristin Young shares the inspiration behind this travel-inspired print.

June 14, 2018
in Design

The hunt is over—we’ve found the shoes of summer. We caught up with uber-talented designer Kristin Young, to hear the inspiration behind this navigation-inspired print.

What’s the inspiration behind the map print?
The nautical map print was inspired by the idea of treasure mapping. We wanted to have a little fun and humor with our consumers—to inspire people to get out and explore by pinpointing aspirational vacation or sailing destinations and creating a statement piece that is versatile to wear.

We also wanted to capture water-friendly elements likes boats, shells, tropical birds, flowers and the movement of waves with an almost watercolor-like, hand-colored feel. To add an element of authenticity, we then inked dark lines on top of the watercolor patterns to create the type of handcrafted print that you’d expect from Sperry.
Tell us about the material. What makes this collection so great for summer?
While fun and full of energy, the design we created is ultimately printed on an easy, lightweight and wearable canvas material. The print itself was designed with consumer exploration in mind. We wanted to create something with enough content to make your eye wander. Every shoe features a different cut of the material, which makes every pair unique. They’re a great conversation starter!
Where do you see people wearing these?
It’s a great print to take you from beach, to shops, to a bar, which makes them perfect for summer travel.
Help us style them. What can people wear them with?
We applied this bright, multi-colored graphic on an off-white and neutral base so that the shoe would be versatile enough to wear with a variety of outfits. It would go with almost anything in your suitcase and is easy to pack.
Which is your favorite style?
I like this print best on our classic boat shoe, as it is our heritage and true brand icon. We’ve seen a lot of success with our lace-ups and slip-ons, but if you ask me, our Authentic Original boat shoe is where this print is meant to live.

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