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A staple for summer – and well, forever.

May 24, 2018
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Born off the stormy coast of Brittany, on the North West coast of France, the Breton stripe was the official French navy uniform in 1858. Thanks to icons like Coco Chanel and John Wayne (just to name a few), the Breton stripe took its talents to the mainland – becoming a basic, that’s anything but.

On the rise again, we’re adding our own touch to the Breton’s long-lasting lineage by lining all of our top-selling styles. See our collection of Breton striped shoes here.

The Seabrook Flip Flop

Seabrook Breton Stripe Sandal

Catch you, in stripes, on the flip side.

The Crest Vibe Sneaker

Crest Vibe Breton Stripe Sneaker

A nod to the Breton stripe, the American way.

The Seaside Slip-On Sneaker

Seaside Breton Stripe Slip-On

A little je ne sais quoi. A little whatever.

The Koifish Boat Shoe

Koifish Breton Stripe Boat Shoe

The crew to your skipper.

The Crest Resort Sneaker

Crest Resort Breton Stripe Boat Shoe

You new lifeline? This boat shoe/sneaker hybrid.

The Saltwater Duck Boot

Saltwater Breton Stripe Duck Boot

A must-have in your rainy-day repertoire.

The Striper II Sneaker (for Him)

Striper II Breton Stripe Sneaker

Slip on and set sail. Enough said.

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