5 Ways to Customize Your Boat Shoes

Get creative, and customize your very own Sperry boat shoes with color, lacing, monogramming and more.

August 6, 2019
in Design

Your Sperrys, your way. Today, we’re talking all the ways you can personalize your boat shoes. For the boat shoe fanatics who want what no one else has, we’ve got five ways to bring your unique style to your feet.

With so many choices and ways to make your boat shoes your own, we’re here to walk you through it with tips from our designers to make them truly yours.

5 Fun Ways to Customize Your Boat Shoes

1. Sperry Custom Boat Shoes
Of course, the easiest way to create your own boat shoes is to design a pair using our online customizer. From the laces to the outsole, and everything in between, design a pair of Authentic Original Boat Shoes in a way that’s all you. Every last detail is yours for the making, complete with monogramming (including numbers and Greek letters). So whether you’re designing a style to match your squad, your team, or your school, Sperry custom boat shoes give you the freedom to rock the boat any way you choose.

2. Customize Your Laces
Who says you have to tie your laces the standard way? Add some interest by knotting your laces in one of our favorite knots—the barrel, the chain, the fishtail or the tassel. Once you learn how easy these knots are to tie, you’ll be able to change your look as often as you’d like.

3. Mixing is the New Matching
When you can’t choose between one pair or the other, go with both. We’re not ones to shy away from originality, so if you want to slip your left foot into a navy boat shoe and your right into a white, have at it. Not feeling as bold? Get the same quirky vibe with mismatched laces on the same pair of shoes.

4. Laces in Full Color
Whether you’re going for a subtle statement or a full-on pop, try upping the ante on your laces with color. Re-lace your boat shoes with our Lace Kit for a custom look that adds a touch of contrast and a whole lot of cool. And if you don’t find your favorite color here, you can use pretty much any rawhide laces —just make sure to get a lacing needle to properly push your new laces through our 360° eyelet lacing system.

5. Sock Spotlight
Rock some socks with pattern or color to add some flair without altering your Sperry boat shoes. Go classic with argyle or polka dots, or bold with a fun design like animals, sailboats or ice cream cones. Playing with texture? Try adding ruffles or sheer mesh socks for a dressier look.

There are infinite ways to customize your own pair of boat shoes. We want to see how you customize your Sperrys. Follow @Sperry on Instagram and share your best looks by tagging #SperryMyWay for a chance to be featured.

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