Handcrafted in Maine: An Exclusive Gold Cup Collection by Sperry

Sperry’s Handcrafted in Maine Gold Cup Collection is premium, one-of-a-kind and expertly crafted.

July 2, 2019
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Premium, one-of-a-kind and expertly crafted. Say hello to Sperry’s Handcrafted in Maine Gold Cup Collection.

From where we stand, there’s no higher art than handcrafted shoes. It’s why we build our exclusive Handcrafted in Maine Gold Cup Collection on old world tanning techniques, one-of-a-kind stitching, premium materials and the legacy of New England’s artisanal shoemaking tradition. Each pair is slightly different, born of the artisan’s hands, and hand-sewn with a signature red, white and blue detail to symbolize they’re made in the USA. (It might be our proudest detail of all.)

This season, we’ve added three new styles to the collection.

The Handcrafted in Maine Gold Cup Collection

Gold Cup Handcrafted in Maine Authentic Original Tri-Tone Boat Shoe
Our iconic Authentic Original Boat Shoe is lifted to an entirely new level with premium Horween and Tasman leathers, rustproof eyelets and unparalleled softness and comfort from genuine deerskin linings. True to our brand, they also provide optimum traction with durable rubber outsoles. This is by far the ultimate boat shoe.

Gold Cup Handcrafted in Maine 1-Eye Driver
A refined and versatile moccasin, the 1-Eye Driver boasts the highest quality leather, genuine rawhide leather laces and thread that also come from our suppliers within the U.S., founded as early as 1863 and 1905. Hand-punctured by highly skilled artisans, this is a sophisticated style that should be a part of every serious shoe-dog’s closet.

Gold Cup Handcrafted in Maine Penny Loafer
If you’re a fan of the classic penny loafer, these are for you. We’ve updated this heritage style with luxury-grade materials and crafted them with an unparalleled attention to detail, like old world tanning techniques and hand stitching, to make them authentically American.

Love these styles? Don’t miss out—Handcrafted in Maine styles are available in limited quantities, and no one likes to find their must-have sold out. Peruse the entire Gold Cup Collection for even more luxuriously designed footwear options to suit your style and need for all-day comfort.

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