(Re)Introducing the Captain’s CVO

You're witnessing history in the (re)making.

February 6, 2018
in Design

Back in 1935 (yeah, 1935), Paul Sperry created a sneaker that became an icon of prep style, and it had killer functionality too.

The inspiration for this shoe? Paul’s cocker spaniel, Prince. As legend has it, Paul observed the way Prince would run across ice during the frigid winter months without slipping. From there, he developed “wave siping,” a traction pattern that mimicked the no-slip grip of Prince’s (adorable) paws.

Add that to a clean, streamlined design, and you had the makings of a sure-footed shoe.

Men's Captain's CVO Sneaker

Meet your newly re-engineered Captain’s CVO, one of Paul Sperry’s original icons.

Ahoy, Captain

There was just one thing. Paul’s new sneaker took some breaking in. And even though that break-in period paid off, we couldn’t wait for that lived-in feel. But we also wouldn’t stand for anything that changed the legacy of Paul’s crisp go-to that the world adored.

Lighten Up

So, our crew of designers got to work, re-engineering the comfort of our iconic sneaker without touching any of its clean lines. It took some time, but we figured out a way to lighten the construction, making the shoe even more flexible so it easily bends with the movement of the foot.

Men's Captain's CVO Sneaker

Surplus Bounty

Then, still without touching Paul’s sought-after design, we piled on some more goodies. Case in point: extra heel padding and a removable footbed to cushion the feet. A seamless upper to eliminate any abrasion. And a loosened lining for more breathability.

Turns out that, in fact, you can have it all. (You’re welcome!)

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