Behind The Design: Sperry Gold Cup Style

Adam Meek, our head of product, tells all in this series of videos.

March 15, 2018
in Design

You probably heard about them. You may have wondered about them. So why should Sperry Gold Cup shoes be in your closet? Adam Meek, who’s at the helm of all things Sperry product, shares his take on why the Gold Cup Collection is the most elevated expression of the Sperry brand.

Spoiler alert: Think exceptional materials and superior craftsmanship for style, comfort and durability, like soft, buttery leathers, brass eyelets, lambskin linings and hand-sewn detailing. Watch Adam speak to the collection below to get a look at must-have styles and how to wear them right now.

Master Sperry Gold Cup Style

You’ve got the premium shoes. Now, how do you master the look? Keep on watching for Adam’s take on his favorite Gold Cup styles, from a chill day by the ocean to a dressier dinner with a view.

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