How Former Team USA Gymnast Josh Dixon Stays Stylish and Positive

Josh Dixon self-cares by getting dressed, getting sunshine, and taking a stroll. All while staying stylish in Sperrys.

Josh Dixon
April 22, 2020
in Self-Care

At Sperry we’re encouraging you to take a little time for yourself every day. We’ve partnered with Former Team USA Olympic Gymnast Josh Dixon to share how he self-cares during the new normal.

“I’ve worn and loved Sperrys when I was introduced to them in 2009. They’re comfortable, adaptable, stylish, and I find positivity and rejuvenation in the brand. During our new normal, those attributes are something that we’re all looking to recapture in our hunkered down lives. As we look at the peeled back, more simplistic times we are currently living in, and the products in Sperry’s arsenal, we can appreciate the nuanced peace in design and adaptability in function.


“Working from home and home workouts can get mundane. While staying safe is first and foremost during today’s COVID-19 landscape, for mental clarity I find that it’s necessary to take a break from it all. How I’ve done that recently is to chill out, watch some tv, relax on the couch, and even better, play with my new puppy, Otis! Part of staying productive and mentally clear for me is getting up and getting dressed, as if it’s a normal day.

No boat, no problem, there’s always time for style. These Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Boat Shoes are a pop of color that are great for at-home style. The blue is probably one of my favorite colors.”


“While being responsible about our encounters, virtually or by practicing social distancing, let’s remember that fresh air is a must. I am fortunate to live in Southern California where we see a decent amount of sunshine; so, no better time to soak in some sunshine. In style, of course. These Sperry Striper II Slip On Sneakers are great for getting outdoors in style, without sacrificing comfort.

There are a few scenic spots that I’m able to go to, while maintaining social distancing, and breathe some fresh air. It gives me a chance to think about all that is going on in today’s climate.  Staying positive is so very critical.”


“While Otis and I might not be “sittin’ on the dock of a bay,” we can enjoy going on walks and taking in some sun. The Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Boat Shoe are great for stylish walks, as I have very flat feet and they don’t lack comfort.

Safety is first and foremost during this interesting period of time.  Beaches are closed, there’s definitely a new normal, but taking it back a step and enjoying walks and moments to reflect help.  Maintaining active in a relatively inactive period of time, allows me to alleviate any stress, allows time for putting thoughts in strategy (either around work or whatever is in my mind), and moves us forward in a positive direction.

Whether indoors or outdoors, Sperry shoes brings forward clean looks, adaptable design, and bold colors. They allow me to be creative knowing that I have a solid base. For me, I like the cleanliness of the lines and simplicity of the look.”

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