Self-Care Spring Outfit Planning with Stephanie Trotta

Stephanie plans three outfits with her favorite three Sperry footwear.

Katie Manwaring Gomes
May 15, 2020
in Self-Care

Self-care is more important than ever. At Sperry we’re encouraging you to take a little time for yourself every day. We’ve asked fashion and creative influencer Stephanie Trotta, also known as The Girl Guide, how she self-cares by planning her outfits for the future.

“My stay at home style is neutral, classic, and comfortable. One thing that has been helping me every day (besides getting dressed) is getting outside for a walk with the boys.

Today I’m styling three of my favorite footwear styles for Spring: the Crest CVO Canvas Sneaker, the A/O Skimmer Boat Shoe, and Saybrook Leather Mule. Each style is comfortable, classic, and chic. Something for everyone!”

“Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, the fresh air has been doing wonders for all of us. You can say its part of my new SAH self-care routine! Whether we’re playing in the yard, having a picnic, or just hanging out, Sperry has every style I need.”

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