Cheers to This Sperry New Years Drink

Try a Sailor’s Savior, our seafaring custom cocktail.

December 14, 2017
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With December 31st (almost) upon us, we went in search of a new year’s eve cocktail that would bring us a boatload of joy. You know, something that felt a little more Sperry than the usual vodka soda.

So we hit up Heritage of Sherborn (HOS), the Inn and Gastropub featuring seasonal, New England ingredients, where bar Manager Bernie Keaveney created a special New Year’s Eve drink (a take on a Dark and Stormy) just for us. Did you know citrus often appears in seafaring cocktails because the vitamin C helped remedy scurvy? Today, it just makes this taste really, really good.

Sailor's Savior

Sailor’s Savior

You’ll need:
Reed’s Ginger Beer
HOS homemade lime syrup
HOS lime oil
Goslings rum

Making the lime syrup:

Combine freshly squeezed lime juice from 5 limes with fine caster sugar to taste. Cook slowly in a pan, bringing it to a gentle boil.

Making the lime oil:

You can squeeze the peels of the limes to make lime oil. Or, add some grain alcohol to a mason jar. Over it, drape a cheesecloth, containing washed limes. The alcohol with pull the oils from the limes. (You can also purchase organic lime oil if you like.)

Putting it together:

1. Add the ginger beer, lime syrup, and lime oil to a tall collins glass.
2. Fill with ice.
3. Stir gently (gently so not to affect the bubbles of the ginger beer) with a long bar stirring spoon.
4. With a soup spoon, add the Goslings rum so as to create a float.
5. Garnish with a lime wheel, and a fresh peeled lime twist.

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