Prep For All: We’re Bringing Preppy Back

In our world, there’s no “wrong way” to prep. And everyone is invited.

March 22, 2018
in Since 1935

The boat shoe, anyone? Sperry has been crafting the iconography of prep style for over eighty years. The original prep style was all about breaking the rules, and Paul Sperry was the ultimate rule-breaking upstart, always asking why and looking to do things a little differently. But somewhere along the line, the rule breaking prep spirit Paul loved became more about… rules. “Wear it this way.” “Never after Labor Day.” “Summer here, not there.”

We think it’s high time to bring back prep’s original rebellious spirit.

So, we’re starting with an expanded view of prep that ditches the rules and embraces all those individual style spins that make prep, prep. You’ll find The Prep-A-Torial – a shoppable guide to this rule-breaking style. Plus a lot of other inspiring content to come on this blog and in our emails.

And we’ve created these fun videos – aka The Sperry Guides to Prep. Watch them here.

Most importantly – the whole revolution thing won’t work without you. We’re counting on our crew to set the tone and inspire us, as always, with your rule-breaking prep style. Show us how it’s done @Sperry on Instagram using #SperryMyWay.

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