This Season at Sperry: The Sky’s the Limit

Peek behind the scenes and get a taste of where our heads (and feet) are.

January 6, 2018
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Welcome to This Season at Sperry, where we’ll peek behind the scenes and give you a taste of where our heads (and feet) are each season.

Right now, as the winter weather really announces itself (we get it, you’re here!), it can be hard to feel inspired. But… we can’t help but feel inspired! It’s a new year, after all, and there is so much to look forward to.

For one thing, even though the days might be a little… okay, bleak comes to mind… signs of spring are everywhere we look. Our favorite MLB teams report to spring training in just a few weeks. Spring break is around the corner. And a getaway might be just the thing to get us over the winter hump. (Miami anyone? The destination of our Spring photoshoot is calling.)

This Season at Sperry Miami Photoshoot

One of our favorite lifeguard stations from our most recent photoshoot, we couldn’t help but add it into our editorial calendar for the season. Keep an eye out on Instagram @sperry.

A getaway is the perfect excuse for new shoes (spoiler alert: we have lots of those). But even if an escape isn’t in the cards, the new shoes help. We made our laid back Striper sneaker even better and added a penny loafer to our repertoire that’s been earning all the ooohs and the aaahs. Somehow wearing them now makes us feel like we’re channeling spring and anything is possible.

And finally, we’re feeling inspired by making the most of where we are right now. Sometimes, new boots are just the mood boost we need to make slogging through the slush and snow feel a little less sloggy and a little more fun. Something warm and waterproof and great looking makes getting out of that Netflix cocoon and into the world less daunting. And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that a new pair of boots is bound to put some spring in your step. We still have lots of great options left for men and for women.

Happy 2018,
The Sperry Crew

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