How to Use Less Plastic, in 5 Easy Steps

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Here’s how to use less plastic in your everyday life.

March 22, 2019
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This month, we launched The Sperry Bionic® Collection, as part of our mission to protect the waters that connect us all. Naturally, we’ve never been more aware of how our choices impact the environment, from the number of straws we use in a week to the plastic lids that top off our morning coffee. The amount of plastic we use on a daily basis is staggering, but what’s more is that much of this plastic winds up in the ocean—eight million tons of it every year.

In honor of World Water Day, we’re sharing five easy ways to use less plastic and keep our big blue planet beautiful.

How to Use Less Plastic, in 5 Easy Steps

Tote It
Skip the plastic bags—they’re one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution on the planet. Stay errand-ready with a stash of reusable bags by your front door and in your car.

Cut It
Disposable cutlery is totally unnecessary when you have your own reusable set. Use silverware when dining in, and keep your own reusable set in your desk or bag for on-the-go meals.

Refill It
Did you know that each pair of Sperry BIONIC® shoes is woven from an average of five recycled plastic water bottles? Help further our efforts to remove plastic waste from our oceans and swap single-use bottles for reusable ones.

Clean It
Our waterways, that is. Grab your Sperry BIONIC® shoes, contact your local representative from Waterkeeper Alliance, and head to the beach for a community cleanup event.

Sip It
Keep plastic straws out of our oceans and away from wildlife. Just say no, and sip straight from your glass or buy a pack of reusable straws to bring with you.

Need a reminder as to how you can reduce the use of plastic at home and on the go? We’ve got you covered — with a skill that you can access on any Amazon Echo device. Next time you’re chatting with Alexa, simply say, “Ask Sperry Waterkeeper how to use less plastic.” We’ve created a list of 10 easy tips for making smarter, eco-conscious decisions, much like the tips we shared here.

Consider Sperry Waterkeeper your sustainability sidekick.

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