Spring 2019: What are the Best Boat Shoes for Men?

Discover the best boat shoes for men, with our take on spring style.

March 12, 2019
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Sometimes, what we wear isn’t just about looks. With boat shoes, it’s about heritage, tradition and lifestyle. So when we designed our spring collection for men, we set out to create the best boat shoes we could. With modern takes on a classic aesthetic, these standout styles are ready for any spring wearing occasion.

Spring 2019: The Best Boat Shoes for Men

Best in Classic: The Authentic Original
Icons are never out of style. The one that started it all, the A/O defines prep with premium materials, hand stitching and signature wet/dry traction. For a contemporary twist, pair with a boldly printed button down or cuffed chambray slacks.

Best New Style: The Sperry Cup
Talk about new. We’ve reinvented an archival favorite by adding a touch of sneaker styling, along with a crazy comfortable sole and more cushioning. Now you can spend all day—and night—on your feet.

Best New Material: The Authentic Original Richtown
Say hello to your new friend: suede. The perfect texture, in new colors, not only ushers out winter and brings on spring, but gives your wardrobe a unexpected update.

Best New Technology: The Authentic Original Plush
This is big. The A/O Plush is all about new technology. This exclusive style is 40% lighter and all-around softer. So when you’re OOO and on-the-go, upgrade from the A/Os you thought couldn’t get any better.

Best in Craft: Handcrafted in Maine Authentic Original
Emphasis on craftsmanship here. Handmade from start to finish in Maine, each shoe is uniquely born from the artisan’s hands. The tradition of old world shoemaking and New England tradition equals the utmost quality and detail.

Make it Yours: Authentic Original – Custom
Make your mark in custom shoes made with your own color choices. Add your monogram, for the ultimate prep look. Create a new style whenever inspiration strikes—or when what’s in your closet needs a little oomph.

Can’t choose? Peruse the whole collection to find your best boat shoes.

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