What Cold Weather? 8 Boots to Cure the Winter Blues

Keep your toes warm and toasty until the spring thaw.

November 8, 2017
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Winter — and everything that comes along with it — is here. This year, don’t wait for the first massive snowstorm to think about snow boots. We’ve rounded up a bunch of our warmest styles below to get you ahead of the (frigid, wet, icy) game. Cheers to a season of toasty toes.

For Her

The Saltwater Duck Boot w/ Thinsulate™

When the forecast has you shivering before you even step foot outdoors, lace up our toastiest Saltwaters. With Thinsulate™ technology and a micro-fleece lining, they can stand seriously cold temps—like when you’re tailgating for hours in the single digits.

Best Cold Weather Boots - Saltwater Duck Boots

The Saltwater Wedge Tide Shearling Duck Boot

If you’re searching for a super-warm snow boot that doesn’t look out of place while mingling at the nearest tavern (AKA everyone’s favorite snowstorm pastime), look no further. We took our most popular wet weather boot and updated it with a comfortable wedge heel and micro-fleece lining primed for trekking through the streets for a night cap.

Best Cold Weather Boots - Saltwater Wedge Tide Duck Boot

The Saltwater Misty Shearling

Serious about keeping flurries out? This Saltwater features a higher shaft for that exact reason. Digging your car out of a snowbank: check. Navigating unplowed streets: double check. These shearling-lined boots keep feet toasty and (most importantly) dry in style. No wonder they’re the best.

Best Cold Weather Boots - The Saltwater Misty Shearling Duck Boot

The Powder Ice Cap

Remember moon-boots? They were once the most futuristic snow boot in history. And they’re exactly what this style is inspired by — albeit much sleeker. We brought it into the 21st century with seam-sealed waterproof suede uppers, super-warm Thinsulate™ and faux fur linings, and a traction-packed ice-gripping outsole by Vibram®. Go on, let your inner kid out (snowball fights included).

Best Cold Weather Boots - Powder Ice Cap

For Him

The Cold Bay Duck Boot

Temperatures as low as -25° f are no joke. But that’s where these Thinsulate™-lined boots come in. Rated for temps below zero, they deliver a straight shot of warmth to your toes. Your feet seriously won’t even know that it’s cold out. But we can assure you, it is.

Best Cold Weather Boots - Cold Bay Duck Boot

The Avenue Wool Duck Boot

Commuting to work isn’t the most fun, but throw in teeth-chattering temps, and it’s even less ideal (sorry, boss). We designed these boots to be lighter, toastier, and tougher, so they don’t weigh you down while trudging through less-than-desirable weather. Trade your cold brew coffee for a hot brew; your hands will be as warm as your feet.

Best Cold Weather Boots - Avenue Wool Duck Boot

The Cutwater Deck Boot w/ Thinsulate™

We get it. Maybe you don’t want to walk around in snow boots before the first flurry. Well, you don’t technically have to — these insulated wet-weather kicks actually look and feel more like a sneaker, but withstand the elements with ease. Hope for the best weather and prepare for the worst, because these boots are always right.

Best Cold Weather Boots - Cutwater Deck Boot

The Cold Bay Vibram Arctic Grip Duck Boot

Look up “adventure” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of these boots — OK, not actually, but we wouldn’t be surprised. They’re created with Vibram® Arctic Grip™ Wet Ice Technology: the most advanced cold weather gripping system ever created by Vibram®. Toes will be warm and dry during spontaneous sledding races, and you’ll stay on your feet no matter how slick the surface. (Ice fishing, anyone?)

Best Cold Weather Boots - Cold Bay Vibram Arctic Grip Duck Boot

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