Making Waves: Our 7 Favorite Fall Shoes

We don't just talk the talk. We literally walk the walk. Find out which shoes are on our must-have list this season.

September 14, 2017
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Hello from Our Crew! If you stop by our offices on any given day, you’ll see that we don’t just talk the talk. We literally walk the walk – from spending weekends on the water, to swapping our company “picnic” for a sailing outing, to sporting Sperry styles ourselves. Take a look at the Sperry picks currently on our can’t-live-without list.

1. Authentic Original Vida Boat Shoe

Favorite Fall Boat Shoes

“I love the A/O boat shoes for their comfort. BUT, I love this specific pair because of the color. I’m obsessed with anything rose gold, which makes these the perfect addition to my wardrobe for everyday wear.” – Purvi Patel, Marketing Manager

2. Authentic Original Surplus Boot

Authentic Original Surplus Boot

“Now when the weather turns chilly, I don’t have to put my boat shoes away! The Surplus Boot has the great fit and comfort of my favorite A/Os while providing more protection from the elements. The combination of leather and textile hits the sweet spot between support and flexibility. The best boot for photo shoots, indoors or out.” – Mark Thayer, Photo Studio Manager

3. Walker Turf Rain Boot

Walker Turf Rain Boot

“I’m actually excited for rainy days now so I can wear these rain boots! They are so comfy but still stylish. I love the rawhide lacing on the back, and the yellow color is the perfect pop for a rainy day!” – Kendra Donato, eCommerce Merchandiser

4. Authentic Original Boat Shoe

Authentic Original Boat Shoe

“The first pair of boat shoes I ever purchased were Sperry A/Os, which is fitting considering they’re one of our most popular shoes. The Sahara color is my favorite because it’s so versatile that it matches with just about anything in my wardrobe. I love the A/O because the leather molds to the shape of your feet to create a perfect worn-in fit. It really makes the shoes get even better with time.” – Justin McDonald, Digital Marketing Specialist

5. Rey Slip-On Sneaker

Rey Slip-On Sneaker

“I love the Rey. It’s so stylish and easy to wear. It’s always so nice to find a comfortable shoe that feels and fits like a sneaker but has the look of a polished and cool casual. The comfort in this shoe is unbeatable too – great cushioning! Another color will make its way into my closet soon.” – Kaitlin Kelleher, Senior Merchandiser

6. Endeavor Leather Boat Shoe


“The Endeavor Boat Shoe is so sleek and fun, and the beige leather also adds a level of sophistication to any outfit. I love that it’s a new take on the classic boat shoe with its flat form elevation and casual-wear feel. It’s a great “everything” shoe, either being dressed up for fun dinner plans, dressed down for a casual afternoon, or even paired perfectly for any work attire.” – Ashley D’Innocenzo, eCommerce Merchandiser

7. Seaside Scale Sneaker

Seaside Scale Sneaker

“This is the easiest shoe to wear that I’ve ever owned. I can pair it with jeans to be more casual or dress it up with a skirt and a statement necklace. The lining also allows you to wear this in the cooler months; it’s the perfect fall go-to.” – Amanda McIntyre, Web Designer

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