What Sets Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes Apart

Luxury leathers. Premium finishes. Crafted for versatility. Discover Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes.

May 22, 2019
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Your resumé, impressive. Your hobbies, extensive. Your goals, big. Your style, sophisticated. It doesn’t matter if this is the you of today or in a few years, what matters is how you present yourself.

So whether you’re prepping for a big presentation or a day on the water with the boys, you don’t want any typical boat shoe.

What you’re looking for is the Sperry Gold Cup Collection. When crafting Gold Cup boat shoes, our team uses only the best leathers and hardware so the end result is a smart boat shoe that boasts all-day comfort. So, kick your kicks into high gear with the most elevated Sperry collection.

Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes

Gold Cup Authentic Original Boat Shoe
The Authentic Original Gold Cup boat shoe places the spotlight on our icon. We took your favorite boat shoe and reimagined it with luxury lambskin linings and genuine hand-sewn leather uppers, so you’re surrounding your foot in ultra-soft comfort and ultra-premium style. Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes are a worthwhile investment—these shoes feature a moccasin construction and a leather welt, meaning they’re the definition of durable. And they wouldn’t be a Sperry boat shoe without our signature non-slip sole.

Gold Cup Authentic Original Cross-Lace Boat Shoe
This is a true top-tier slip-on boat shoe. We know that sometimes bending down to tie your shoes can be the last thing you want to do when you’re out doing your thing, so the Gold Cup Authentic Original Cross Lace eliminates that task gracefully. It’s everything you love about our traditional boat shoes, minus the traditional laces. Just slip-on for a high-class look that’s truly effortless.

Gold Cup Authentic Original Pastel Boat Shoe
Unmatched quality. Quintessential prep style. Now, available in pastels. This season, we’ve dialed up our classic Gold Cup boat shoe by adding tri-tone pastel colors. Rust-proof eyelets plated in 18K gold are just another feature to love when rocking this classic Americana style.

Gold Cup Handcrafted in Maine Authentic Original Tri-Tone Boat Shoe
Part of our exclusive Handcrafted in Maine Collection, this made-in-the-USA boat shoe is steeped in the rich tradition of American shoemaking. It features premium Horween and Tasman leathers, which have been hand-punctured and stitched by highly skilled artisans for added attention to detail. Unparalleled softness and comfort from genuine deerskin linings; optimum traction from Vibram® outsoles; and signature red, white and blue stitching all come together in what we consider the ultimate in handcrafted footwear.

Gold Cup luxury doesn’t stop at boat shoes. Peruse the entire Gold Cup Collection for boat shoes, loafers, sneakers, and sandals. Go ahead—set the standard for your entire wardrobe.

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