When to Wear Loafers vs. Boat Shoes

We’re talking loafers vs. boat shoes, and how they complete these four looks.

April 22, 2019
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Boat shoes and loafers are among our most classic silhouettes, hands down. We love that they’re timeless, effortless and easy. But when should you choose a boat shoe, and when should you choose a loafer? That’s the question.

Whether you’re heading to work or a weekend away, here’s a mini-guide to four occasions when you can swap in either style.

The Boat Shoes vs. Loafers Style Guide

Office Casual Made Classy
Subtly upgrade your casual office dress code with footwear that puts the ‘pro’ in professional. Loafers give a slightly dressier look for a day at the office, and boat shoes are laid-back but still polished enough for most modern work environments.

Worthy Weekend Wear
From brunch, to shopping, to the movies—both of these versatile (not to mention comfortable) styles let you pull off a look so put together, yet relaxed, no one will know you hit snooze seven times. If your destination is on the casual side, a boat shoe is the way to go, while the loafer brings the extra finish if that’s what you’re going for.

Date Night Finery
Trying that buzzy new bar? Loafers keep your look in line while you’re waiting in line. Hitting up your fave local restaurant? Boat shoes. Paired with dark denim and a crisp shirt, they bring that whole “I’m not trying too hard” vibe.

Special Occasions
Concert? Regatta? Bridal shower? Graduation party? If this outfit is even *potentially* getting ‘grammed, rock boat shoes or loafers that make a statement. Let the invitation and setting be your (style) guide. More formal, indoors, cocktails = loafers. Outdoors, casual, while the sun’s out = boat shoes. Done and done.

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