1 Penny Loafer, 5 Ways

Find a penny, style it up.

August 13, 2018
in Style

Forget overdressing for backyard BBQs, or underdressing for those “Is-it-a-date?” Sunday strolls. Classic, versatile and unflinchingly sharp, the penny loafer has a knack for acing any less-than-obvious dress code. We’ve tricked ours out with slip-resistant soles and ultra-durable hand-stitching, because hey––you’ll be wearing them everywhere. As for how you’ll be wearing them? These style-savvy trend-setters have a few ideas.


You’re in jeans. You find yourself reaching for sneakers. Listen to us when we say: Reach for penny loafers instead. Don’t think about it. Just do it. They’re like an instant guarantee that you’ll look sharp without looking dressed up. (Always a good thing.)


‘Tis the season to show some ankle, guys. (A tight hem cuff is especially crucial to get this look off the ground.) Not sure about sporting penny loafers sans socks? Opt for no-shows, and no one’s the wiser.


Pennies and… the beach? You bet. A laid-back look is one of this versatile loafer’s (many) fortes. Hop from sand to shops to nosh, no problem––you’re equipped for the spontaneity that summer’s all about.


Metallics = the summer uniform’s up-for-anything partner in crime. Our shimmer-iest hues all double as neutrals (yes, we’ve tested this), so no matter your go-to getup this season, you’ve got an excuse to shine on and on.


Go on: Set your spirit free with breezy kimonos, well-loved cutoffs, and––trust us on this one––a low-key pair of leather pennies. The more contrasts, the better. Because a true boho vibe should be anything but predictable.

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