Prep With Our Crew: Lauren Cary

See how Category Manager, Lauren Cary, lives the prep life here at Sperry HQ.

May 3, 2018
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Think khakis and croakies… pastels and paisleys… and blazers and bowties are the only way to rock your prep style? Not in our world!

We’re redefining what it means to be a prep, from bold, unique color palettes to plaids and patterns of all kinds. In this series – Prep With Our Crew – our team shows off how they live the prep life here at Sperry HQ.

Next up: Category Manager, Lauren Cary. When she’s not chasing down the product team, you can find her snapping photos of her two dogs, Mendel and Salem, for their Instagram account, @2packofpooches. Get to know her prep style here.

What's your role at Sperry?
Brand Marketing for our product categories. I’m responsible for ensuring the Sperry customer knows about the great shoes our product development team creates. I partner closely with our creative team and retail stores to bring our marketing to life.
What's your favorite part about your job?
My job is all about relationship building. Getting to know the people I work with on a professional and personal level is what makes me love what I do. A very close second has to be getting my employee discount!
How do you define preppy?
I feel preppy when I wear a classic button down or Penny Loafer, but mix it up with a colorful sweater or anything striped.
Prep With Our Crew
Describe your personal style.
Polished, classy yet comfortable. I love to layer my tops and sweaters.
Where do you get style inspiration?
I’m always “people watching” when I’m out and about usually thinking to myself “can I pull that off?”
Favorite pair of Sperrys for the season?
Too hard to narrow it down to one - Haven Sneaker & Seaport Penny.
Prep With Our Crew
Pair of Sperrys you couldn’t live without?
Actor/Actress who would play you in a movie?
Kristen Bell

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