Prep With Our Crew: Tony Travaglini

See how Footwear Designer, Tony Travaglini, lives the prep life here at Sperry HQ.

May 9, 2018
in Style

Being “preppy” used to mean dress codes, boarding schools, and a perfectly coiffed ‘do. We think it’s high time that changed. This year, we re-launched this age-old lifestyle, redefining what it means to be a prep.

In this series – Prep With Our Crew – our team shows off how they live the prep life here at Sperry. From modern interpretations of prep style to what some might consider “prep with a twist,” there’s no wrong way. And everyone’s invited.

This week: a Q&A with Footwear Designer, Tony Travaglini. When he’s not dreaming up the newest pair of Sperrys, you can find him at home on his boat, where he lives. Get to know his prep style here.

What’s your role at Sperry?
Footwear Designer
What’s your favorite part about your job?
Being able to see an idea come to life and then see it out in the world.
How do you define preppy?
Being a little more put together or sharp, even when you're going for a relaxed look. I think it's about making a little effort when getting dressed, whether it’s by wearing a button-down shirt with jeans or some nicer pants with a shirt that’s more casual.
Prep With Our Crew
Describe your personal style.
Oh man, I don’t really know what you would call it. I definitely like to dress down as much as I like to dress up. I tend to dress more casual with hits of fun. I like my shoes to complete my outfit, but if there is ever a good reason to wear a sport coat or something that’s just downright funky, I’m all about it.
Where do you get style inspiration?
I am definitely inspired through Instagram. When I’m out and about and I see somebody wearing something I like, I take mental notes.
Favorite pair of Sperrys for the season?
The Harpswell. The first Gold Cup shoe I designed that will definitely be a staple for summer get-togethers.
Pair of Sperrys you couldn’t live without?
Hmmm well of course I need my Authentic Original. because I can pretty much wear them with anything, and I do...even in the winter.
Actor/Actress who would play you in a movie?
Early Jim Carrey.

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