Exploring the Rainforests of Dominica

Patrick Rynne, the founder of Waterlust, shares a story about his experience traveling through the rainforests of Dominica.

Patrick Rynne
September 13, 2017
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Patrick Rynne, Fiona Graham, Jennah Caster and Laura Graham are ocean scientists and adventurers at Waterlust (@waterlust), a purpose-driven company that travels the world to create films about water. 

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Read about Waterlust’s latest adventure to the Caribbean island of Dominca and watch videos from their trip below.

Flying in low beneath a thick marine layer of clouds from Barbados, we got our first peak of the vibrant green mountains that Dominica is known for. It felt like the scene in Jurassic Park when Dr. Alan Grant first saw Isla Nublar. If Dinosaurs were still around, they’d probably love Dominica! Nicknamed as “the Nature island,” it receives copious amounts of rainfall that supports a lush tropical rainforest. We decided to come here to make a video about the water cycle, the journey of water from the atmosphere to the sea and back again.

Our first task was driving from the airport, over the central mountains to Roseau, the largest city and the island nation’s capital. The drive was full of twists and turns and we quickly learned that beeping the horn was a necessary form of communication around switchbacks, not an indicator of a frustrated and impatient driver like it is back home. Near Roseau we found an awesome tree house to stay in at the Cocoa Cottages, just a quick drive down the road from some of the best canyons and waterfalls on the island. We hooked up with Extreme Dominica to go Canyoning, an adrenaline filled afternoon of rock climbing, cliff jumping, and river floating! After a quick lesson on how to use the harnesses and ropes, we trekked through the jungle to the canyon with two local guides Nahjie and Berrani. They grew up here, and had been climbing these canyons since they were children, except back then they had no rope!

Asking around, we learned of the many natural wonders that make Dominica so special. World class hiking trails, secret swimming holes, pristine coral reefs, hot springs, and a waterfall that empties onto a sandy beach! The latter, we would learn was an elusive find and could only be reached from a “tricky” climb. With our spirits high, we decided to give it a go and drove over to Wavine Cyrique to find the famous waterfall. The climb down was a bit more than we bargained for, a vertical labyrinth of roots, ropes and makeshift ladders. Imagining what would happen if somebody were to fall was a sobering reminder to pay close attention every step of the way. We kept the cameras away for the walk down, fearing any distractions could lead to calamity, but broke them out on the climb back out. The waterfall itself was spectacular, a private beach shower plunging hundreds of feet from an over-hanging cliff. We’d never seen such a waterfall before, and after some googling, it seems they aren’t easy to come by.

Throughout the trip we constantly thought about water. Where does it come from? Where does it go? In such a lush environment as Dominica, the relationship between H2O and those that rely on it for survival is constantly visible, but in most cities around the world it is out of sight, out of mind. We wanted to make a video that captured that feeling to remind people of the journey our water must complete before it reaches our faucets, showers and hoses.

Check out Waterlust’s videos from their adventure in Dominica below!

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Patrick Rynne

Patrick Rynne is a Miami-based ocean scientist and engineer with a love for water, science, and exploration. As the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Waterlust, Patrick and his team have made it their life's mission to teach their fans about the importance of environmental sustainability.


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