Redfishing in the Gulf

Three friends are reunited by redfish on an fishing adventure in the Biloxi Marsh region of the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

February 8, 2017
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Warren Samuels is a recreational fly fisherman and educator who grew up on the east coast. Never far from a lake, a river, or the ocean, Warren has always found a constant source of peace and adventure from the water.

Recently having moved to the landlocked state of Wyoming, Warren became separated from the sea by hundreds of miles. We sent Warren, his wife Nikki, and Cole – an old friend from college – to the Biloxi Marsh in Hopedale, Louisiana  to reconnect with the sea and enjoy a weekend of redfishing as the season came to a close.

The fishing crew, from left to right: Nikki Samuels, Warren Samuels, and Cole Columbus.

Read about their adventure and watch the short film from WRKSHRT below.


Reuniting with old friends is a feeling like no other. When Warren Samuels was in college at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, he met his wife Nikki and his close friend Cole Columbus and formed a bound with the group over a shared love of fishing and spending time by the water.

A few years after graduating from college and marrying, Warren and Nikki moved inland to Jackson, Wyoming to pursue new career opportunities. Far from the sea, they found refuge in the lakes and rivers of the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole.

When we reached out to Warren, he was shocked about the idea that we would want to send him on a fishing expedition – and he immediately asked if he could bring along his friend Cole – who was now living in Virginia. The trip quickly turned into a reunion of sorts, as the trio set off on an Odyssey in Louisiana’s Biloxi Marsh.

Redfishing is a popular type of sport fishing in the Biloxi Marsh region of Louisiana. Experienced guides from Southern Way Charters lead our crew on a catch-and-release expedition in the marsh.


At a short three weeks’ notice, the trio packed their bags and boarded a flight to Hopedale, Louisiana for a weekend of fishing like nothing they had ever experienced before.

With an itinerary planned out by Cole and his team at Natural Retreats, the crew was paired with a group of experienced fishing guides from Southern Way Charters. Lodging at the Dogwood Lodge, Warren, Nikki, and Cole spent a weekend on the water and took the chance to reconnect with the sea in our new Sperry 7 Seas boat shoe.

The more than 42-thousand acre wildlife area Biloxi Marsh region of Louisiana is a popular spot for catch-and-release sport fishing.

Wearing our new Sperry 7 Seas boat shoe, the crew set off on an adventure in the marsh to catch redfish and reconnect with the sea.


Read about more redfishing and check out the crew’s reviews of the Sperry 7 Seas below. To learn more about the Sperry 7 Seas boat shoe click on the images below.

Warren, Cole, and Nikki wrestled with some of the toughest beasts in the marsh and came up with a successful catch on their Odyssey while wearing our Sperry 7 Seas boat shoe.

“It was such a difference from the mountain and troutfishing scene. It was a totally different kind of fishery.” – Warren Samuels

“[The marsh] is fascinating to me. The maze of water and marsh and ponds and channels. It was just unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” – Warren Samuels

“I thought the Sperry 7 Seas boat shoe was very lightweight, comfortable, dried very quickly getting in and out of the boat, and I think it looks awesome as well. It’s a great remodeled version of the classic boat shoe.” – Cole Columbus

“The shoes are great. They are just perfect for on-the-water applications. Fishing today in the Biloxi Marsh I was able to get ‘em wet, they drain right away. Super lightweight. Non-marking, stick tread. No questions asked about slipping on the boat. You’re staying put.” – Warren Samuels

“What I like about the Sperry 7 Seas was that they were lightweight. They have great traction while you’re on the boat and they dry super quick.” – Nikki Samuels


To Warren and Nikki Samuels, and Cole Columbus for joining our trip with only 3 weeks’ notice. The best adventures are often the ones we never expected or planned for.

To Natural Retreats for their expert services in identifying this location and coordinating this trip. We couldn’t have done this without them.

To Southern Way Charters and the fishing guides at Dogwood Lodge for leading our crew of adventurers on their travels through the waters of the Biloxi Marsh.

To Dave and Wade from the production team at WRKSHRT for capturing photos and videos of this Odyssey.


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